cloud backup

the must-have solution for securing your data

a great backup solution for your business

With costs starting at less than the price of a coffee per week, there’s just no reason not to have phase 42’s cloud backup in place.

(even if your internet connection is slower
 than you would like).

No matter what else you have in place to backup your data, including cloud backup as part of the solution is a must.


Firstly, because cloud backup provides a means of getting your data copied off-premises quickly, effectively and immediately, without relying on physically moving devices around (such as USB drives).

And secondly, set up correctly, it also provides “roll-back” allowing you to recover lost, compromised, corrupted or encrypted files quickly and easily.

phase 42 offers world-class data protection designed to fit any business environment – from a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure.  

We provide this service in partnership with the two leading backup providers: Veeam and Acronis. Together they provide a perfect fit for your business, whether you run large on-premises servers, or a single laptop.

We ensure your precious data is backed up securely,
both locally and on the cloud.

pricing for cloud back up

phase 42 will design an optimal backup solution for you with no obligation or up-front costs.
Please contact us so we can give you a price based on your exact situation and needs.

Here are a couple of simple examples:


Scenario 1:
One laptop with a small quantity of critical business data to protect.

We deploy the Acronis application and set up a local “full” backup to a USB drive, together with cloud backup of critical data. The full backup allows recovery of the entire system, while the cloud backup protects data not recoverable by reinstalling.

Total cost per month: $8.00 (ex GST)

Working day in office. Group of young business people in smart casual wear working together in creative office

Scenario 2:
5 workstations and 5 laptops, sharing 100GB of critical business data on a network.

We install the Acronis application on all workstations and laptops and set up full backups. The workstations backup according to a schedule, while the laptops are set to backup whenever connected to the home network. One workstation is set up to backup the critical shared data to the cloud overnight.

Total cost per month: $80.00 (ex GST)

For larger, server-based environments

Where servers are involved, we use either Veeam or Acronis for the server backups and combine that with Acronis for workstation backups. 
Of course, this can be more expensive, but is a very cost-effective solution.  

Definitely the best value insurance
you can buy for your business!

special offer: free setup!

phase 42 will install the application and create your backup schedules via remote access to your PC while you watch. 

$80.00 + value! 

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