let phase 42 look after your business

business grade IT management, monitoring and support for established, successful businesses

business people

you love your business

your team is solid, you are where you want to be, but still growing. You need reliable, flexible and secure IT to keep your business grounded.

Support, remote access, remote monitoring

peace of mind for you and your team

making sure your people can always do the work they need to, knowing that their data is safe, and the systems are up-to-date. And knowing that help is right there when they need it.

managed IT

managed IT Services is what we do best. We look after all your IT infrastructure needs so you can get on with what you do best.

your business is well established, and you have more than 30 people in your team

Chances are you have an on premises server (or servers), a mix of workstations and line of business applications requiring specific infrastructure.  phase 42 can both support your existing environment and work with you to develop and deploy your IT strategy for the future.

Whether that means migrating to a cloud based setup, a hybrid cloud/on premises scenario, or staying “on-prem” with business continuity secured through a high performance backup/disaster recovery solution, we have the depth of experience to partner with you on that journey.

long-term customer relationships

phase 42’s success is founded on long-term customer relationships, with many of our customers having been with us for more than 10 years.  Those relationships flourish and grow through real partnership.  Fixing problems is no fun – for you or for us.  Creating systems and giving support that provide security and continuity is what floats our boat.

welcome aboard!