your business is growing

sharing data within your team is now important

is this where your business is going?

My business is growing. It’s no longer just me, and sharing information has become important.


phase 42’s cloud essentials product covers all the bases.

My accounts and email were already on the cloud, but everything else was on my laptop. Now I’m set up with cloud essentials, all our business data is on the cloud, so we can all share and collaborate from wherever we are.

Everything is automatically backed up and all the software I need to run and secure my business is included.

…and if I need help, a friendly phase 42 tech can provide that remotely in seconds. It really couldn’t be much easier!

centralise or mobilise?

A growing business needs to be sure that there is one version of the truth.  Emailing spreadsheets between team members and hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster.

The traditional way to control this was the office server and that can still be appropriate for some businesses, but chances are, you and your team spend as much time out of the office as in it.  

So, starting with cloud essentials will usually be the way to go.  If you then need shared storage within the office for high speed local access to large files, a hybrid solution combining local and cloud storage may be right for you. 

How ever your business evolves, we will be there with you, evolving your technology mix to meet your exact requirements and ensuring that all aspects are integrated, backed up and secured.

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managed IT services

wouldn't it be nice to have phase 42 manage all your technology needs, at a fixed monthly cost?

Project services, office relocation, major upgrades

project services

phase 42 can help you move offices without stress, manage a systems rollout, or manage a major upgrade.

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cloud essentials

phase 42's product gives small businesses all the core IT they need to run their businesses.