small businesses and start-ups

If you have less than 20 people, or are just starting up your own business, then talk to us!

Is this you?

I have just started my small business. My accounts and email are on the cloud and everything else is on my laptop, which goes wherever I go.

phase 42 have set me up with their Inspect and Protect service and with Acronis backup, which automatically keeps a full backup of my machine on a USB drive as well as backing up my critical business files to the cloud. So, for around $50 per month, I’m in good shape.

If my laptop totally dies (argh!!!), the USB image can be restored quickly and easily to a new machine, or a new disk. If the house burns down (no!!!!) and both my laptop and my USB disks are lost, phase 42 can quickly recover the cloud backup to keep my business running. 

Ransomware and other internet nasties are blocked effectively, and if one does get through – my backup regime handles that as well.

…and if I do need some help, a friendly phase 42 tech can provide that remotely, in seconds. 

Best $50 insurance policy ever!

is your business IT a pain in the...?

Small businesses often experience the same IT problems:

  • wasting hours just trying to get it to work
  • the internet’s not working, or is just too slow
  • your computers are slow and need upgrading
  • you don’t know enough about IT to know if you are making the best decisions
  • you don’t have a back-up system in place
  • email issues
  • getting great support when you need help

would you love it, if everything just worked?

phase 42 can help you stop worrying about your IT by providing:

  • reliable, fast internet at an affordable price
  • automatic back-ups to the cloud so your data is safe and retrievable
  • protection from internet nasties like viruses and ransomware
  • remote monitoring of your systems
  • automatic updates to your standard software
  • timely desktop support, using remote access

all the core technology you need to run your business…