about phase 42

Yes, we are a little bit nerdy, but we just love what we do.
And, we talk in language that makes sense to you!

our story...

phase 42 started in 2010, as three IT businesses merged to become one. All three businesses had been running for 10 years.

Brian Parish, Managing Director, has spent his entire career working in the IT area. He has worked in technical roles and in sales and marketing. 

Brian Parish, CEO, phase 42 director, Managed IT Services, about phase 42

Brian Parish

Brian Parish

who are we?

phase 42 is the complete Managed IT services organisation for your business, with skilled technicians providing onsite, remote and phone support across south eastern Australia.

We are proud to be a member of SMBiT Professionals, the industry association for information technology service providers specialising in small and medium businesses.

our vision

… is to consistently deliver an extraordinary IT experience so our customers can just get on with business. 

We operate from a position of trust and loyalty with our interactions with our customers, our suppliers and our team. 

We pride ourselves on being systematic, proactive, great communicators, and delivering exceptional service.

our values


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We take responsibility for communicating with our customers and with each other. 



Every team member takes responsibility for delivering an extraordinary IT experience. 



We deliver on our our promises. We are honest and open in our communication.     



We actively learn new information to ensure we are always on top of our game.