cloud services with phase 42

let phase 42 manage your business on the cloud
while you get on with running your business

So, your business runs “on the cloud”. 
Everything is automatic, new services magically deploy themselves
and no management is required.

Not quite!

phase 42 love the cloud – in fact our office could burn down and our customers would hardly notice the difference because that’s where we live.  But while there may be no physical server in the office to maintain, deploying, managing and administering cloud based systems requires just as much attention and skill as handling “on-prem” infrastructure. 

Fortunately, we are great at this! 

Cloud computing concept. Hand with ethernet cable connecting into cloud.

 Let’s talk about moving your business onto the cloud if it’s not there already, and once it’s there, making it a great place for you to be.

Everything you see under Managed Services still applies.

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